How it all began

I discovered early, at a performing arts school, artistic expression is my true passion. As an original Breakdancer in the mid 80’s I experienced the DJ culture erupting all around me with never before seen turntable tricks and vinyl manipulation. A “live” DJ became a “live” show, mixing and mashing sounds and beats; creating a tapestry of music. Along with acting, I DJ’ed throughout High-school in San Diego, throughout college at Boston University, and have been spinning tracks for over 20 years throughout New york. From touring the world with Broadway productions, to DJing block parties in Brooklyn, I revel in music’s power and profound unifying connection for people, and it’s what drives me today as a DJ.


The Mission

My service does not interfere with your experience, it enhances it. Ever been to an event where the music was too loud? Or uninspiring for a dance party? Personal attention is my motto. I believe that my clients needs are of the utmost importance and I’m committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of my business is from referrals. I don’t have a specific “agenda” when I meet with a client. I work tirelessly to satisfy the needs of each individual and business environment in which I work, bringing my own positive-professional work ethic. I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver to you the highest service in the industry.



The Now

At any event venue, my massive library of music has always stirred spirits and relaxed souls. I select tracks collected from around the globe in the following genres: (in no specific order)

Classic-Soul, Disco, Funk, Mo-Town, 1950’s, Doo-wop, Vocalists, Lounge, Electronic, Deep-House, World Music, Salsa, Marengue, Reggae (Roots-Reggae, Dance-Hall), Folk, Classical, Jazz (bee-bop), Classic Rock, Rock, 80’s, New Wave, Alternative, Neo-Soul, R&B (80’s, 90’s to current), Hip-Hop (80’s, 90’s), Top 40 Club and Hip-Hop, EDM.



The Gear

Spinning vinyl on two turntables selected from crates of records was always my form. With integrated computer systems now, technological options are many, but I prefer a combination of the old and new. I still work off the turntables with digital tracks (recorded from my vinyl or downloaded). This gives me the ability to perform in the same style I’ve always loved. Its still vinyl manipulation, just without having to bring 10 crates of records. Easier on my back! I can also work off of CD decks and use an “internal” computer mode if space is limited. Need a full sound system? Mine is of the highest quality in the industry with QSC kw152 loudspeakers, Rane mixers, Technique turntables, and the latest Mac computer and Serato Scratch-live software. Together we’ll design the perfect set-up for your event.