In Their Words

I was invited to a food film festival in New York, which Bloomberg Philanthropies supports. When I enter the theater, the music met you at the door. I was introduced to the music of Hillel. I was in the planning stage as well for a birthday milestone. If I knew nothing else, in that moment, I knew he was someone I wanted to share with my friends and family at the special event. He required that we meet a few times before, so he could understand the music… music….the music of the night! We met, he captured the mood of each decade I lived! We celebrated loudly, and the people are still calling his name. A master of the art of music.

I have known Hillel for many years as an amazing brilliant performer, but first discovered his talent as a DJ attending a wedding. I was knocked out….mostly because I couldn’t stop dancing!! The feeling that he created in the room was one of celebration, magic, love. I have since hired him for parties and performances with various bands. Honestly Hillel, like a great actor, wants to know the story with your event, the feeling that needs to be evoked and then he delivers far beyond your expectations. Besides mastering the technique of DJing, he brings his unique brand of human celebration, love of music, soul, and his big heart. He is always number one on my list as a referral for any situation!
Everett Bradley-(singer/percussionist for Bruce Springsteen’s E Street band, music director/composer The Meredith Vieira Show)

DJ Hillel? The answer is an emphatic yes! Hands down one of my favorite DJs ever.
A vast knowledge of how music inspires people so he can move the party, enable the chill or take you back to the groove. When Labyrinth Theater Company started it’s annual Celebrity Charades Gala in 2000 I knew just who to call to inaugurate the Gala’s afterparty. Hillel met our high energy and wove the path to an even more joyous echelon. Since then and for over a decade DJ Hillel has set the desired tone and delivered without stress!
Russell G. Jones -Award winning Actor, Director, Labrynth Theater Company Member

DJ Hillel is THE person to bring the heart and soul to any event! He is an artist who takes immense pride in his work. As Executive Director of a not-for-profit, music at our major events such as Paul Rudd’s Annual Bowling Benefit, sets the tone and vibe for our guests and donors. Once DJ Hillel is on board, we can focus our energies on all other aspects of our events and never look back. And on a personal note, I also hired DJ Hillel to rock my own wedding reception, and just like my fundraising events, I could focus my energy and planning on other aspects knowing 1000% that the music was covered. Dj Hillel is the professional you want on your team without a doubt.
Noah Corman Executive Director S.A.Y.- (Stuttering Association for the Young)

DJ Hillel, adds so much to our events. I truly appreciate his dedication to what we do, his incredible talent, and his ability to share in the vision during the planning stages of our events. With DJ Hillel, anything is possible. From our big casino nights, to our Yacht on the Hudson, to our event with Ferrari, Hillel is a true collaborator….and he absolutely rocks it! Sky is the limit with DJ Hillel. He is a special kind of cat.
Jed Givens-President S.T.G. (Smart Transition Group Manhattan), Intelli-tec Security Services

My wife and I both work in the entertainment business as lighting and production designers. For our wedding, we wanted to make sure that the music carried the evening in a way that would transcend what is normally experienced at a wedding. Our invite list included many friends and associates from the industry including artists from “Blue Man Group”, “My Morning Jacket”, “Flight of the Conchords” and “Matisyahu” to name a few. To say that the bar was set high is an understatement. A band would not suffice as we already had Grammy nominated musicians as our guests. With DJ’s, it’s so hard to get the right fit. We had the good fortune of bringing DJ Hillel into the mix. Right from the start it was obvious that we made the right choice. Not only did he meet our expectations, he blew them out of the water. His understanding of music, energy and celebration combined with a broad creative background in performance made for an unbelievable collaborator. And that’s really how we considered him – as a collaborator in making the most important night of our lives memorable beyond belief. He worked with us for several months in order to understand our aesthetic and musical tastes. Each time we would meet he would have ideas that honed in more and more with what we wanted. It wasn’t just about a song list – any Ipod will do that. It was about understanding the mood and emotion of each part of the event and supporting these parts with the right music.
For the Horah (traditional jewish wedding dance) we had an idea for a “Hava Nagilah” mashup of sorts. DJ Hillel took this to a level beyond what we ever dreamed possible. He composed a horah track that incorporated Jewish folk and dance music from every imaginable musical genre and location. He integrated one track to the next seamlessly, each time taking the energy to a higher level. The horah lasted close to 30minutes and was one of the most memorable parts of the whole night
What I’m trying to convey here is that DJ Hillel is the real deal – not your run of the mill DJ. He truly loves music and takes the time to develop a deep understanding of the needs of the event. He recognizes that a DJ is creating an actual “score” for an event and, as such, connects himself at a deep level to what that really means. I only wish that we could have another wedding just to have the pleasure of DJ Hillel mixing the tracks!” – Marc Janowitz- Pro Lighting Design (Blue Man Group, My Morning Jacket)

Music is the backbone of your wedding reception and DJ Hillel understands that very well. I couldn’t have been happier with Hillel’s presence, work ethic, attitude and talents. He is not only an incredible dj, but he is also a truly wonderful person. Throughout the wedding planning experience, my husband and I really wanted to jive with the vendors. It was important for our day and all the elements to feel like ‘us’. We decided to choose vendors that we would choose as friends. Hillel’s dedication and awesome personality and sense of humor made him the perfect dj for us.
He wholeheartedly understands and respects the importance of all things wedding and music. He was very communicative and quick to respond to any questions or changes. He met with us on several occasions to get to know us and our style of music. My husband and I really felt taken care of and totally secure in our dj selection. This is exactly how a bride and groom should feel! Thank you Hillel, for being so amazing and for helping to make our special day absolutely perfect!
Marla Dolleman – Creative Director, Anaka Maurits Floral Design